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Battery Was Awarded The First Prize Of Management Innovation
Jul 08, 2016

The 2015 National Enterprise Innovation Conference was held successfully in Beijing. Meeting with "economic management under the new normal" as the theme, economic enterprise development through management changes under the new normal quality and benefit of in-depth research, publishing and promotion of 186 "national enterprise management modernized innovation achievement", in which first results on 29, second on 157. Day group "new batteries aimed at the sustainable development of environment, health, and safety management" won the first prize. National Conference on enterprise management innovation session held every year since 2003, is has a great influence on national business management experience exchange meeting, efforts from the Government department concerned support and active participation of entrepreneurs, management experts, summarizing and promoting discussion on the innovation of enterprise management in the new era of experience, enterprise reform and management problems, the spread of advanced management theory and method of playing an important role. Day group "new batteries aimed at the sustainable development of environment, health, and safety management" results reflect the full day group to deepen reform, latest achievements in innovation management, reflects the businesses go green, healthy, and secure sustainable development, lead the industry. Meanwhile, days in management innovation project and an important influence, group member, Director of corporate culture Eximbank representative group elected as Deputy Director of the China Enterprise Confederation management modernization Committee post.

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