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You don't know the secret of the original battery of an electric car
- Feb 09, 2019 -

Consumers are very concerned about whether the fittings are original when they buy some electrical related products. As one of the most convenient and environmentally friendly means of transportation, electric vehicle has been inseparable from our life, and as one of the core components of electric vehicle, the battery of electric vehicle is the most critical. So whether the batteries of electric vehicles are original or not is a matter of concern. In fact, there is no original battery, electric vehicle manufacturers do not do batteries, powerful manufacturers will find some powerful battery manufacturers supporting. (For example, the top of the solar batteries matching the Yadi brand electric vehicle is the "special Yadi solar batteries", which is also called the original. So the original batteries of electric vehicles are new batteries. As long as it's new, it's original. So when choosing an electric car, just pay attention to whether the battery of the electric car is new or not.

So how to judge that the battery of electric vehicle is new? Mainly from the following aspects to observe.

First, check if there are any deformation, cracks, scratches and leakage marks.

Secondly, check whether the product logo is complete, including the name of the manufacturer, product specifications and models, manufacturing date, trademark; check whether the internal and external logo is consistent, especially check whether the product itself is aware of the target, production date should pay attention to whether in the near future. Second, pay attention to the appearance of the battery.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as an original battery for an electric car. So don't be fooled by the pretext of original batteries of electric vehicles when you buy them.

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