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What is the difference between traction battery and starting battery?
- Aug 18, 2018 -

Many of my friends don't know much about batteries in life. Recently, I have also seen the statement about traction batteries and startup batteries. My understanding is that traction batteries have higher relative internal resistance, but they have better stability and strong reflux ability. Startup batteries need no doubt to require strong instantaneous high current discharge ability and smaller internal resistance. . However, what is the difference between traction battery and starting battery? The following is a brief introduction to you:

In charge: traction batteries are charged by special chargers, usually at the end of work. Generally, 20% - 100% of the discharge of batteries must be charged. Starter batteries are charged (at the same time voltage regulator) during mechanical work.

For discharge, traction batteries are suitable for long lasting discharge. They allow for a certain degree of deep discharge. Starter batteries can not be used for deep discharge. It is generally required that the discharge exceeding 20% should be replaced. Starter batteries are suitable for large current discharge in a short time. For example, when starting a vehicle in winter, it is sometimes required to continuously discharge more than 500 A of current in three seconds (for 100 AH batteries).

In manufacturing, the positive plate of traction battery is usually tubular plate, while the positive plate of starter battery is paste plate. The electrode plate of the traction battery is thick, and the plate of the starting battery is thin.

Starting batteries can not replace traction batteries.

Electric vehicle battery is lead acid cotton lotus root battery, its discharge is persistent, but the instantaneous discharge is not high, its electrolyte is not 1.28 sulfuric acid, but chemicals and plate generated voltage, current. Electricity can reach hundreds of amperes.Its electrolyte is 1.28 sulphuric acid and the plate generates voltage and current.The level of the automobile battery is 10-15mm higher than the plate.If it is below the plate, it will seriously damage the battery.Always check the level of the electrolyte.If you replace it with a car battery, you need a car with a 20AH battery. The replacement of battery 60AH can achieve the discharge time of electric vehicles.

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