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What are the sizes of the batteries for electric cars? How to judge?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

In modern life, everywhere people ride on all kinds of electric cars, the owners of electric cars will inevitably encounter the problem of replacing batteries in their daily life. When replacing batteries, businesses need to know about the specifications of electric cars, many owners are not very clear, today we will come to popularize them.


Let me talk to you about the following specifications:

General tram batteries are divided into four types: 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V and 64V, of which 36V and 48V are the most common, accounting for more than 95% of all electric vehicle users. 36V commonly used as: 36V10AH, 36V12AH two, and some also useful 36V14AH, 36V17AH, 36V20AH. 48V commonly used as: 48V10AH, 48V12AH, 48V14AH, 48V17AH, 48V20AH, individual also useful 48V15AH, 48V16AH, 48V18AH, 48V22AH, 48V24AH, rarely used.

So how do you know about your electric car battery specifications? In general, there are two methods. The first method is the lazy method, which is to see the output current of the charger. According to the following parameters, you can know what type of battery is:

Cue, look at the output voltage on the charger.

36V is: output voltage 36V--42V DC**A.

If it's 1.5A, then it's 10AH.

If it's 1.6A, then it's 12AH.

48V is: output voltage 48V--59V DC**A.

If it's 1.7A, it's 48V10AH.

If it's 1.8A, it's 48V12AH.

If it's 2.0A, it's 48V14AH.

If it's 2.3A, it's 48V17AH.

If it's 2.5A, it's 48V20AH.

The first method sometimes doesn't work, because the charger does not mark these parameters at all, so it has to be seen in second ways. The simplest and most direct and practical method is to open the battery box and count a few batteries, if it is three, then generally it is 36V. If The battery is marked on the battery, and the battery is marked on the battery.

The same, if it is 4, then generally 48V, of course, to distinguish, just 12V or 16V, if only 12V, then 48V, if it is 16V, then 64V.

If it's 5, then it's 60V.

The voltage is determined, then the capacity is determined. If the battery is written on the 6-DZM-10, then it is 10AH, if it is 6-DZM-12, then it is 12AH, and so on.

Of course: there are also some small manufacturers have the phenomenon of virtual standard, this is very difficult to directly judge the specifications of the electric car battery, so it is suggested that when you buy the battery, it is best to choose the battery produced in a large factory.