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Tube type battery for electric tricycle
- Feb 19, 2018 -

main features

1. Long service life

The positive plate of the battery is tube type and the negative plate is applied to the coating. It has the remarkable advantages of long service life and good deep filling and discharging performance.

2. High strength polyester pipe row

The use of high-strength polyester pipe and PVC baffle can effectively solve the problem of pipe rupture and lead crystal penetration and short circuit during operation, and prolong battery life.

3, multivariable corrosion resistant alloy

Multielement corrosion resistant alloys are used in the grid alloy, and the positive grid is pressed by pressure casting to solve the corrosion cracking of the grid.

4. Good consistency of battery

Each cell is connected to the battery of cross wall welding, good consistency.

5. Formulation of highly active substances

The positive and negative active substance uses the high effective active substance formula, which greatly improves the specific energy of the battery.

6. Advanced plate curing and chemical process

The advanced plate curing and chemical process is used to improve the binding force of the active material and the grid and prolong the service life of the battery.

7. Using PP material

The battery shell and cover are PP material, and the shell cover is hot-melt sealed to avoid leakage in the use of the battery.