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The use of lead-acid batteries
- Jul 08, 2016 -

(1) avoid direct contact the battery with metal containers, made of acid-proof and heat insulation material, otherwise it will cause smoke or burn.
(2) use the specified charger charge under specified conditions, otherwise it may cause battery overheating, discharge, leakage, fire or breakdown. (3) do not install the battery in a sealed device, Ponte or may cause the device breakdown.
(4) when the batteries used in medical equipment, install the outside of the main power supply backup power supply, or mains power failure may cause injury.
(5) place the battery far from Sparks where equipment or smoke or sparks may cause battery rupture.
(6) do not put the battery near a heat source (such as transformers), otherwise it will cause the battery to overheat, leak, burn or break.
(7) battery number when more than one application, make sure the battery connections are correct, and connected to the charger or the load is correct, otherwise it will cause battery rupture, fire or battery damage, some cases, someone will get hurt.
(8) special attention not to let the battery hit the foot.
(9) the following specifies the use of the battery. Outside this range may cause battery damage. The normal operating range of the battery: 77. F (25 c) after battery discharge (contained in equipment): 5. To 122.F f (-15 ° c to 50 c) charging: 32. To 104.F f (0 c to 40 c) storage: 5. To 104.F f (-15 ° c to 40 c)
(10) do not put the battery mounted in the locomotive at high temperatures, direct sunlight, stoves or fires in the former, otherwise it may cause battery leakage, fire or bursting.
(11) do not use in dusty places batteries may cause battery. When batteries are used in dusty environments, you should regularly check the battery