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Solution of composite energy storage system
- Apr 07, 2018 -

A set of systems, multiple patterns

Peak modulation frequency modulation, intelligent switching

Fast response, precise tracking

Grid off network, intelligent selection

Green power, clean energy

product details

Using photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy power generation technology, we can store power to lead storage battery, lithium battery and other energy storage units by controlling energy storage inverter system. According to the different requirements for the function of the project, the EMS management system can select the FM mode or peak mode to realize fast response, precise tracking, intelligent switching, and maximum utilization of energy storage function.

The energy storage characteristics, system economy and rational configuration optimization of the new energy intelligent energy storage system should be continuously optimized to improve the transient stability of the power grid, meet the power demand in different time periods in heavy load areas, and also meet the demand for FM.

The energy storage system can realize the transformation between peak load and frequency modulation mode, and maximize the use of resources, making it the standard system of smart city. Improve the power quality, maintain system stability, improve the economic benefits of energy utilization, fully embody green electricity and clean energy.

An overview of the principles

Taking photovoltaic and wind power as the generating unit, the lead carbon battery is used as the energy storage battery of the peak filling and valley system according to the characteristics of the battery, and the lithium battery is used as the energy storage battery of the FM system. The complex energy storage energy management system collects the information of power generation unit, energy storage unit, power grid quality, load part and so on. By setting or self monitoring mode, it comes from the mode of cutting peak and filling and filling the valley or the mode of FM, such as the energy storage capacity under the mode of FM can be moved to it by itself when the storage capacity of the peak shaving and valley mode is not enough. Increase the capacity of energy storage. The system checks the power quality and operates the FM system automatically according to the power grid condition, so as to ensure the power quality and the load safety of the power side.