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Several methods for repairing lead-acid batteries of electric vehicles
- Sep 09, 2018 -

Several ways to repair lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles are as follows:

1. imbalances

Repair method: find the capacity, voltage, self discharge, battery internal resistance, etc. all the batteries are used together.

2. water loss

Repair method: pry open the cover plate above the battery. Some battery cover plates are glued with ABS glue, and some batteries are fastened. Some are skateboards. Be careful not to damage the cover when prying the cover plate. You can see 6 rubber cap of exhaust valve. Open the rubber cap, reveal the vent hole, and see the battery inside through the exhaust port. Some batteries have an exhaust valve base that can be switched off without opening a rubber exhaust valve. There are also some fillers around the rubber cap of some batteries. Open the lid and use flashlight to see if there is a dry phenomenon inside the hole, that is, whether the battery is dehydrated. The battery plate is wrapped in white glass fiber, and the normal condition should be moist. The distilled water is injected into the battery through the exhaust port. Cover the exhaust holes with breathable shielded batteries to prevent dust from falling into the vent. It is better to use two times of distilled water for medical purposes. The principle of replenishing water is to avoid less. Not enough, we can add more, resulting in a decrease in the specific gravity of the acid and a shortage of battery capacity. The inexperienced person can grasp 5mL according to each hole. It's better to look at it. It's wet, shiny and watery. Wet is just right, more shiny, too much water.

Special note: water feeding tools use glass, plastic and other straws. It is recommended to use disposable medical syringe, which is convenient and convenient to measure. Water supply tools can not use any metal containing appliances, syringes should be pulled out of the metal needle, a set of plastic pipe after use.

3. sulfation

Repairing method: The sulfide battery was repaired by Corti Repairing Instrument. By using fuzzy digital control theory, the solid lead sulfate crystallized in the battery was removed in 10 to 20 hours by measuring the state of the battery, sending out the positive and negative frequency conversion particle wave while charging and discharging.

4. plate softening

Repair method: discharge the battery after 10.5V, and use the bulb for 1-5 hours. Then activate the instrument to activate the repair.

5. short circuit

Repair method: Water battery, can drill clear, short-circuit lead powder out! Electric vehicle battery, can quickly short-circuit positive and negative, will be short-circuit place burnt!

6. open road

Repair method: 100A test battery voltage 0V as open circuit, with a single measurement method, measured the open circuit place, welded.

Through the introduction of the above, you have mastered the electric vehicle lead-acid battery repair method, I hope you can according to the above method to repair the electric car soon oh!

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