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Recycling of lithium batteries
- May 06, 2018 -

The company adopts forward-looking scientific research facilities, intelligent production equipment developed jointly, intelligent cloud platform management of whole life cycle, large data analysis and tracking, bidirectional active equilibrium BMS technology, finite element analysis and design Pack technology, fully automatic grouping separation technology and physical regenerative technology to create lithium ion battery ". The production, sale, recovery, sorting, cascade utilization, recovery and disposal "circular economy" mode realizes the green quality management of the product life cycle.

Regeneration and utilization of lithium battery

In this study, the lithium ion battery powered by pure electric bus will be eliminated.

When the battery system can not be used again, the vehicle power battery group is disassembled into modules or modules and monomers, and then the lithium ion power battery test platform is rebuilt, and the damaged, aging and ineffective batteries are eliminated through the surface observation, the aging degree, the battery voltage and the internal resistance, and the recovery and utilization are carried out. Secondly, the battery is reclaimed and utilized. Secondly, the battery is recovered and recycled. The battery monomer is placed on the test platform. According to the given test method, the capacity and peak power of the battery are tested respectively. The battery is classified according to the results. The new battery group is formed by combining the application requirements of the energy storage system and the voltage capacity grade of the battery box. At the same time, the different battery is screened and merged into the system. Application.