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Main characteristics of electric forklift battery
- Feb 19, 2018 -

1. Design the battery according to the DIN standard and the BS standard

The cycle life of super 1500 charge discharge is designed.

2. Good consistency of battery

The introduction of German core battery production equipment, HADI automatic cathode production line, EIRICH fully automatic vacuum and ointment machine, INBATEC automatic acid recycling equipment, and high-end stable equipment make the battery consistency is very high.

3, multivariable corrosion resistant alloy

The grid alloy adopts multiple corrosion resistant alloy, which has less water loss and longer life.

4. The cuff structure of the partition board

The probability of a short circuit inside the battery is greatly reduced.

5. Use the perfect soft connection

The installation and maintenance of the battery is more convenient and environmentally friendly.

6. Advanced plate curing and chemical process

The advanced plate curing and chemical process is used to improve the binding force of the active material and the grid and prolong the service life of the battery.

7. Import materials are used for key parts

The interior of the battery is high performance non-woven cloth tube, PE partition board, connecting bars are imported high-end brands.