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Lithium batteries for lighting fixtures
- Mar 22, 2018 -

main features

Large capacity and high specific power

The product uses lithium phosphate as positive material and advanced technology, which has the characteristics of high current discharge performance and high capacity.

Long service life

High cycle capacity, the standard state 1C charging and discharging cycles can reach more than 1000 times.

Wide application environment

The product has strong high and low temperature charging and discharging capacity, and high discharge capacity.

Strong safety performance

The scientific structural design is excellent in safety performance testing, such as overcharging, overlaying, needling and extrusion.

Better consistency

Special processing technology of the latest, ensure the stable consistency of multicellular battery used in series.

Green environmental protection

No pollution, no leakage, safe and reliable use were placed in any direction. It is a national green new energy product.

Technical characteristic curve