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Lithium batteries for electric bicycles
- Feb 19, 2018 -

The power lithium ion battery module for electric bicycles is designed and developed for electric powered cars, electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. The product has many national patent technologies, and is a safe, environmental friendly, portable and long-life power lithium ion battery.

main features

1, according to the actual needs of the customer, the single cell can be combined into different size battery groups according to the requirements of the customer. The battery can be discharged at -20 - 45 - C.

2, cylindrical electric core, the safety performance is good, the adaptability is strong;

3, the cycle life of the product is long, under the condition of 100%DOD, it can reach more than 800 times.

4, high temperature cycling performance is excellent, 55 centigrade 1C cycle more than 500 times;

5, the performance of low temperature is excellent. The capacity of the single cell is more than 75% at -20 degree, and the battery capacity is over 85%.

6. The working temperature range is wide and working normally within -20 [C~55] C.

7. The specific energy is high, and the specific energy of the single cell is about 200Wh, and the battery pack reaches more than 130Wh.

8, the self discharge rate of 1 months full of electric storage at room temperature is less than 4%.

9, our company has fully automated production technology and production equipment, and the production of electric core consistency is good.

10, the price ratio is high, the same kind of product is very competitive.

11 days, lithium battery excellent quality, conform to the international standards, successfully passed the quality inspection of BATSO, CE, CB, UL, UN38.3, RoHS and other international certification authority and.