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Intelligent micro grid energy system solution
- Apr 07, 2018 -

It can be applied to remote areas such as large parks, power grids, industrial and mining enterprises, islands and scenic spots, as well as remote areas where large power grids are difficult to extend.

product details

The TW series intelligent micro grid energy system solutions aim at the purpose of frequency modulation and peak shaving and valley filling, and adopt efficient and systematic design. The internal container is integrated in different uses: energy storage support module, light storage inverter module, bidirectional variable flow module, micro network control module, monitoring module, dynamic ring system and fire protection, lighting and so on.

The FM energy storage system selects the high-performance lithium ion battery of Tian Neng group, which has the characteristics of high power charge and discharge, long life, high reliability and low maintenance cost.

The peaving and valley energy storage system selects the high efficiency lead carbon battery of the energy group, which has the characteristics of long cycle life, strong charging acceptance ability, low calorific value and safe and reliable continuous high temperature use.

frequency modulation

The frequency of the power grid should be maintained at 50-60Hz, and the power grid should ensure the stable balance between the power generation side and the power grid frequency, and the power grid frequency should not be changed because of the influence of the electric side load. FM in traditional power grid is frequency modulation by providing enough capacity of generator set, but the start-up time is too long, the cost is too high, and the randomness is poor. The lithium electric frequency modulation energy storage system can adjust the frequency quickly according to the FM time point. It has the characteristics of fast response, accurate tracking, and fast change of output power according to the needs, so as to improve the stability of the power grid and ensure the stable operation of the power grid.

Peeling and filling the valley

In different periods of power grid, "peak and valley flat" will appear. The power grid can store electric energy in the lead carbon storage container when the power load is low, especially in the early morning. Through the energy storage system, the electric energy in the low valley of the power grid is transferred to the peak of the power grid. It can relieve the power consumption of the power grid, reduce the cost of electricity consumption, improve the efficiency of electricity use, and reduce the loss of the power when the power load is low.

An overview of the principles

Based on distributed generation, it can also convert bidirectional flow into public power grid to store energy and achieve electricity on the user side.

The small modular and decentralized power supply network of load and power quality management can realize the integrated operation of the internal power and load, and through the coordinated control of the main power grid, the main network can be smoothly connected to the main network to cut the peak, fill and fill the valley, the frequency modulation, the independent power supply operation, etc., to meet the users' access to the distribution power supply, the power quality and the power supply. Reliability and safety requirements.

System advantage

The microgrid system is built independently, and it can operate in conjunction with the grid and has specific control.

Overcome the fluctuation, randomness and intermittent influence of new energy generation.

Reduce the impact of large-scale new energy intervention on the power system, and run off the network, and seamless handover.