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How to deal with the waste battery of electric vehicle
- Jul 29, 2018 -

Electric vehicles have been welcomed by the general public for their convenient and quick characteristics, but the use of lead batteries for their energy supply equipment has also increased geometrically, and how to deal with the waste batteries has become a major problem. If the waste battery is not properly treated, it will be very easy to pollute the environment.

It is understood that the battery life of each group is 2 to 3 years, and refurbished batteries can only be used for two or three months, which means that a large number of lead-acid batteries will be produced every year. If these batteries are not properly recovered and disposed of, they will not only lead to serious lead pollution, but more importantly, they contain highly toxic heavy metal cadmium. If only a simple treatment of the waste battery, such as cutting and removing the lead can be recycled, and other substances such as acid discharge, easy to cause pollution.

In the state of how to deal with waste batteries, in 2012, "energy saving and new energy automobile industry development plan (2012~2020)" and "2016-2020 years notice on the promotion and application of new energy vehicles" (solicitation draft) issued in 2014, the main enterprises and utilization direction of waste battery recycling are clarified. The processing technology is still in the stage of encouraging independent research and development of enterprises.

In order to prevent some repair stations from reassembling and reassembling waste batteries, the old batteries should be sent to the original manufacturers for recycling.

Adhering to the green development, advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, and having the dynamic battery production experience for 30 years, the enterprise's social responsibility is to develop the waste battery recycling business, and actively promote the standardization of the battery recycling system in China. It is believed that the problem of the waste battery will not be the problem in the future.

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