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How to add water to electric vehicle batteries?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

When the electric car becomes the main step tool of the family, the awareness of electric cars is increasing. For electric vehicles, the battery is a very important part. Many families always need to go to special places to add water to electric vehicles when they use electric vehicles. In fact, how to add water to electric batteries for electric vehicles. The owner of a car is a matter that can be done by force. Today, I'll share with you the way to add water.

First of all, most importantly, before knowing how to add water to an electric vehicle battery, electric vehicle owners must know what conditions need to add water to electric vehicles.

1. After one year of battery use (if your charger fails, the voltage is high, that may only take half a year).

2. After the battery is insured;

3, charging for a long time without turning the lamp, the voltage will remain high for a long time without turning the green light, and the battery will be heated.

Water supplement method:

1, first take the battery down, weld the connection line, and wipe clean with a rag, next is to open the lid, each battery has the vent hole, the general battery exhaust holes are on the edge of the upper cover, and see a gap where the exhaust is used, a word screwdriver is aligned with the gap, and the screwdriver is used to make a screwdriver to make the screwdriver head. Go into the vent, then upwards up, and then shoot inside (the small battery to the middle of the upper cover, because the opening is on both sides of the exhaust hole, but the battery needs to go to two, because the opening is in the middle so that it will not damage the rubber cap inside), then the battery is warped, and the battery cover will be a few more. To warp, don't be too barbarous.

2, after opening the cover you will find there are 6 hats, but this time you may "skip" two voices, fly off a few rubber caps, so don't take the lid off, take it off slowly, and cover it with your hand to prevent the rubber cap flying off, because maybe the pressure of the battery inside. Be careful to remove the rubber cap, and the white one is absorbent cotton.

3, then you can replenishment, use syringe to suck 30ml water, add 5ml to each hole.

4, after adding water, you can cover the rubber cap, and the absorbent cotton should be restored as usual.

5, with a small screwdriver dipped in a point PVC glue, on the lid and the battery point a few glue, and then can be covered, not much glue, so that the next difficult to open, and too many words may flow to the rubber cap, so that the rubber cap, originally the exhaust is not exhausting, the battery will explode, ha ha.

6, loading the battery, loading the use of the use of the car, it is really urgent to use the car second days in the morning, it can be immediately charged, if you do not rush to use the car, then a night recharge, so that the water can be better absorbed, the battery internal position of the electrolyte consistency.

The battery is the core component of an electric vehicle. It is suggested that the owner of the car be able to add water or directly to a professional maintenance point after the professional operation of the electric vehicle battery.