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Home and off network energy storage system solution
- Apr 07, 2018 -

The solution of TBL series and off net energy storage system adopts high efficiency and systematic design, and integrates all subsystems such as photovoltaic power unit, control unit, energy storage unit, inverter unit and so on. The energy storage unit is a standardized energy storage module consisting of a deep energy circulatory lead battery or a lithium ion battery. Multiple energy storage modules can be connected to the system in parallel and flexible to expand capacity to meet users' needs.

Using the integrated design of photovoltaic and intelligent energy storage control, it can make use of the sun simply and directly. The characteristics of the peak and valley of the power grid can produce green value, reduce the user expenditure and improve the environment.

An overview of the principles

Solar panels absorb solar energy and generate direct current. After inverting the inverters of energy storage, the inverters supply the family load and supply the battery. The surplus electricity can be incorporated into the national grid to generate revenue, and the peak valley electric difference time can also be used to cut the peak and fill the valley.