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Correct charging method for lead-acid battery
- Jul 29, 2018 -

The electric bicycle is one of the extension products of the bicycle. The lead-acid battery is widely used as its core power source. The electric bicycle has retained the characteristics of the bicycle light, flexible and maneuverable. It also has the advantages of zero emission, low noise, low energy consumption, low failure, low cost and easy riding. There are more and more people using electric bicycles in modern society, but many people do not understand the correct method of charging lead-acid batteries.a

1. Charger

The charging method of lead-acid battery is very important. The correct charging method can effectively extend the service life of electric vehicle batteries. It is better to use the original charger when charging the electric vehicle battery. When the electric bicycle is out of the factory, the charger is matched with the configured battery. The supplementary current, the maximum charge voltage and the conversion current, the floating charge voltage and the floating charge current are well defined. The parameters of the other charger have a certain range of difference. It is very likely that the battery is not matched with the battery, so the charger can not be replaced at will.

Two, charging environment

Because the charger will produce a certain amount of heat in the battery charging process, it is suggested that the battery should be charged in the open ventilation place, and the charger is not covered with external material when charging. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the charger and battery, and even cause a fire accident. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to be immersed in water or rain.

Three. Charging time

The use of lead-acid batteries, to develop the day to use the day to charge the habit, every day after riding an electric bicycle no matter how far the bicycle is full of electricity, do not wait for electricity to recharge the battery, so as to avoid the "deep discharge" to shorten the battery life. Do not recharge the battery when the battery is inverted. Batteries with sufficient electricity will be charged once a month if they are not placed for a long time.

Usually pay attention to using the correct lead-acid battery charging method, pay attention to more maintenance of electric vehicle batteries, users can greatly extend the battery life.

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