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Considerations when using lithium-ion batteries
- Jul 08, 2016 -

Attention short-circuit
On the issue of the safety of lithium-ion batteries, all attention. Lithium-ion batteries are prone to short circuit during the charge process.
Although most of the lithium-ion battery protection circuit with short-circuit-proof, explosion-proof line. But in many cases, the circuits in all circumstances, will not necessarily work. Explosion-proof line can play a limited role.
Charging not charging
All lithium-ion batteries, whether previously developed, also is in recent years in the development of lithium-ion polymer batteries, lithium ion batteries, and so on, are all very afraid of overcharging.
Lithium-ion batteries if the charging time is too long, will increase the likelihood of an explosion.
Chemical properties of lithium is very lively, it is easy to burn, when charging and discharging a battery, the battery continues to heat up, activation in the process of the expansion of gases produced by the battery internal pressure to increase. The pressure reaches a certain level, such as the shell has a scar, will burst and cause leakage, fire, or explosion.
So, be very careful when using lithium-ion batteries.