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Car starting battery
- Apr 07, 2018 -

The car starting battery is a new series of batteries developed by a number of advanced technology and formula. The battery manufacturing strictly follows GB, JIS, SCI and DIN. It has strong starting capacity at low temperature, excellent corrosion resistance at high temperature, long battery life, good seismic performance and low resistance. It is very suitable for automobile, truck, and traction. A vehicle such as a vehicle.

Performance characteristics

The composition of special grid alloy and the formulation of lead paste greatly improve the charge performance and discharge capacity of large current, and enhance the low temperature starting ability.

Valve controlled maintenance free battery does not need to add water or acid during operation, and has low water loss rate and long cycle life under high temperature.

The patent green alloy formula, the grid has excellent corrosion resistance, and effectively reduces the creep probability.

The labyrinth seal cover, to prevent leakage of acid mist escaping and battery, safe and reliable.

The battery structure is specially designed, the battery case is thickened and the anti-seismic performance is excellent.

Advanced production equipment, lean production management, product consistency, size and variety.