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Capacity bottlenecks and technology power battery problems do?
- Jul 08, 2016 -

The end of June, about new energy vehicle battery development seminar held in Beijing, the Ministry Minister, Miao Wei, and the Vice Minister of the Ministry at the same time to participate in.
At the meeting, in addition to the battery development strategy seminar, national battery innovation centers have also been established, dedicated capture key technology problem hindering the development of battery industry. On the eve of the outbreak of new-energy cars, this innovative Centre hopes.
2015 new energy new energy car production more than 300,000 vehicles in China, and China has become the world's first new energy automobile market, 2020 market holdings is expected to reach 5 million units, production capacity will reach 2 million, demand for batteries exceed 100GWh. It is regrettable that, our production scale at a time of rapid expansion of new energy vehicles, batteries but could not keep up with the pace of research and development, has now become the bottleneck of the further development of new energy vehicles in China.
Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Xiong Baiqing, Deputy Director, told reporters that China's independent research and development of power battery is weak and expensive, which to a large extent, influence the penetration of new energy vehicles.
With a 1.5-ton new energy cars, for example, if one charge mileage 400 kilometers, under the current technology, only batteries weighing nearly 600 kg, battery manufacturing costs a 150,000-~20 million, coupled with the price of the car, an average of nearly 400,000 new energy vehicle price, consumers find it difficult to accept. The current situation, depends on the country's vast financial subsidies to support, but it's hard to long-term sustainability.
So how to make the battery weight at the same time, without reducing its power, and prices down, a test of battery technology breakthrough.
It is reported that domestic power battery exists of three main bottleneck: the first low specific energy; the second battery manufacturing costs are high; the third battery life not enough, probably 5-8 the battery will need to phase out.
The other hand, frequent explosions and burning of electric cars, let the battery's security problems are more severe. Security is the fundamental guarantee of the future development of new energy vehicles, batteries are critical joints. If you don't do the safe, reliable, will dampen consumer confidence, affect the entire industry.
Join forces to achieve some breakthrough
In fact, in terms of battery technology research and development, Japan Korea has been at the front. Japan and South Korea is currently technically advanced than we probably 3-5, now our lithium battery 300~350 is still in the laboratory stage, Japan and South Korea has come up with engineering samples. Xiong Baiqing said.
How to catch up with them, achieving overtaking, it is one of the challenges in front of Chinese battery enterprises.
First maximize the integration of industry-wide resources, including the formation of the national battery Innovation Center, in addition to the more than more than 10 shareholders battery innovation alliances, the best domestic universities, research institutes including the enterprise brings together a total of fifty or sixty, establish good sharing of intellectual property rights in the Union and contribute wisdom and sharing the future five-year battery research and development results. Xiong Baiqing said.
Power battery production enterprises in China one of the biggest weak point is the research and development capability is not strong, companies fighting each other, it is difficult to form a joint force. Xin guobin, Vice Minister at the Ministry admits: on the whole, China's battery industry still faced with small, scattered, weak, less investment in research and development, problems such as insufficient, comprehensive strength and there is still a gap between international advanced enterprises, technology and industrial innovation capacity and market competitiveness of our products is to improve.
It is understood that battery manufacturers in China as many as four hundred or five hundred, dispersion of high and generally weaker, 1 million-kilowatt battery capacity only about ten, BYD's market share of the largest enterprises of less than 15%.
Only effective integration of domestic research and development efforts in order to achieve technological breakthroughs.
With the support of the Ministry, established in September 2014 State car battery Research Institute, to become the battery of research and development centers, fully invested by enterprises including the Institute of independent of the hospital. When the Institute was founded, a total of 9 units to raise 540 million Yuan, Ministry of science and technology, the SASAC and the Ministry, national development and Reform Commission to give a certain amount of financial support.