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Battery relation between weight and volume
- Jul 08, 2016 -

“The battery is heavier is better” since this is what most people have been understanding, that adequate capacity, in fact this is a mistaken ideas of batteries to buy, but not necessarily good, light is not necessarily a bad thing. Here we analyze the relationship of battery weight and capacity so that we can distinguish what type of battery is better.
There are several factors affecting quality of battery:
1) low capacity: battery capacity less serious, marketers are adding glass to increase the weight of some battery capacity less stolen without glass, this battery is light, both situations will lead to partition loose battery decaying fast, short life.
Is GB weight of batteries, there may be problems at above or below this weight, you can directly open the battery see.
2) rubber content: rubber content, high acid specific gravity will make early battery capacity; too little rubber content, small battery capacity, both of which can lead to battery decay quickly, short life.
Selection of batteries we can shake a shake, General rubber content in 20%, heard the clear water that acid plus much more.
3) plate thickness: General plate selection bad, utilization low, only will do have compared thick, normal plate utilization in 30%, selection bad of may in 25%~28% Zhijian, again poor of will more low; plate utilization high of battery plate slightly thin, weight will than utilization low of light some, but capacity larger, life long; had thin of plate capacity small, apart eye visible plate of network. On plate utilization issues in need of professional testing themselves more difficult to distinguish.
We can know from the above three points, the battery is not the heavier the better now buy battery battery you want to moderate quality to pick, heavy light battery life will not be too long. Compared to the domestic and abroad battery lighter, long service life and trend of China's battery is also lighter and lighter, and high utilization of all materials.