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Battery maintenance
- Jul 08, 2016 -

Generator is the most important part of lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery performance and stability in order to guarantee the good performance of the entire generator, how do you ensure the stable performance of lead-acid batteries? This requires good battery maintenance work. First of all, connected to the correct lead-acid batteries to prevent short-circuit in case the Lead-acid batteries should be placed close to the generator so that the battery cable is not too long, and batteries need to be kept where it is easy maintenance. When battery link generator, first of all, the positive, and negative, when the load or outage, should be broken links, avoid short-circuit battery polarity. Second, do a daily check of the battery To check the batteries regularly, including the voltage of the battery terminals battery electrolyte density, temperature, height; note battery link links to the specification; check for corrosion batteries remember; regular discharge test, which is required every day. Finally, the battery charging to pay special attention to Battery charging is the basic work should be in a well-ventilated environment, lack of rain and snow, sparks, open flame charging charging is best to use the original charger charge; when charging wires linked to the right; using a reasonably current for charging battery charging, when the temperature is higher than 45 ℃, charging should stop working, heat treatment. Generator maintenance lead-acid batteries is very important, is important to note that in daily use.