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A historical review of the battery
- May 13, 2018 -

The lead-acid battery has been the most widely used chemical power source in the military and civilian fields since its advent. Because of its use of the electrolyte electrolyte, the acid solution will flow out during the transport process, and the acid mist will be dissolved and the environment and equipment are damaged. People try to "fix" the electrolyte to "seal" the battery, so the lead-acid battery of the colloid electrolyte is used as the times require.

The colloidal electrolyte used in the initial colloidal lead-acid batteries is made of sodium silicate and then added directly to dry lead batteries. In this way, the capacity of the battery is about 20% lower than that of the original free electrolyte, which is not accepted by people, although it has reached the goal of "fixing" electrolyte or reducing the precipitation of acid mist.

In 50s, China started the development of initial gel batteries, and basically stopped at the end of 60s. However, from the late 70s to 80s, some non battery industry people in the country have used the media to blow up their own lead-acid batteries with solid electrolytes, which claims to increase the capacity and life of the battery by 1 times. The soap bubble "inventions", which could not be tested in fact, not only failed to improve the performance of the lead-acid battery, but also damaged the reputation of the colloid battery.

At the same time, the cathode absorption sealed lead-acid battery with glass fiber diaphragm was born. It not only eliminates the acid fog of the lead battery, but also shows the advantages of small internal resistance and high current discharge characteristics. Therefore, in the national economy, especially the original use of fixed lead battery occasions, the rapid promotion and application, so people put the colloid lead battery behind the brain.