Energy Storage Battery

  • TNC Lead Carbon

    TNC Lead Carbon

    Tianneng Lead carbon battery TNC series adopts advanced lead carbon technology and special positive active material structure, along with patent rare earth alloy and patent hydrophobic separator with VRLA technology to...Read More

  • TNG Gel series

    TNG Gel series

    Industry Energy Storage Battery- TNG Series (Deep Cycle GEL / Solar Battery)The TNG Series integrate patent nano gel electrolyte with up-to-date AGM structure. The range offers over 12 years design liRead More
  • TNL series

    TNL series

    Industry Reserve Battery- TNL Series (Long Life AGM Battery)The TNL Series is long life valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) AGM battery which combine TN power's industry scale and advanced equipment togeRead More
  • OPzV series

    OPzV series

    The OPzV Series offers 20+ years design life with tubular positive plates with fumed gelled electrolyte. This series is very suitable for provide excellent deep cycle, recovery performance and high reliability. OPzV series is recommended for telecom outdoor applications,...Read More
  • OPzS series

    OPzS series

    Industry Energy Storage Battery- OPzS Series (Tubular Flooded Battery)The OPzS series … …Read More
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